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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET I realize that some of you reading this are not in the position to start making major changes within your environment. Teaching is a cooperative effort between teachers, co-teachers, aides, helpers, assistants, parents, administration, directors, principals, and owners. Rules, policies, and guidelines within preschools are often NOT created by the people working with the children. If your floor is carpeted, your director or owner might be concerned about easel painting, playing with playdough or having a water table. If you share a space with another group or organization there may be concerns about cleanliness or cleanup policies. If you have a team teacher with a different teaching style than you, there may be objections and questions to some of the activities presented in the curriculum portion of the book. Do the best you can while still growing, changing, and continuing on your journey. 18 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL