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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM, WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE OR TABLET PLAY Call 800-423-8309 to Order Incorporate standards into and enhance the depth and richness of play to benefit children’s early learning. This resource aligns with the developmentally appropriate play guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Age focus: 3–6. Developmentally Softbound, Appropriate Play 240 pgs. 101 fun, easy games that enhance intelligence Partner with families Help families understand the importance of play and how it develops academic skills. Pack of 25 booklets, 12 pgs. each. S H E D BY LI S H E D BY ESS Why Children Play #541020 $24.95 ED R (E-book #541747 $32.95) PR LEAF PUB R ED #540375 $32.95 LEAF Save almost $5 when you buy the set Smart Play #466734 $15.95 Includes one copy of Developmentally Appropriate Play and 25 booklets. Developmentally Appropriate Play Set #549991 $52.95 An excellent introduction to the Vygotskian theory Bring Gaye Gronlund’s expertise to your next training event Explore the levels of children’s play and teachers’ roles. Video clips, narratives from Gaye Gronlund, reflection questions, printable materials, and resources are included. CD-ROM. CD- ROM Developmentally Appropriate Play Stories #399999 $99.95 Play - #708101 $114.95 M D R C O This program clearly illustrates the belief that social interaction is necessary for learning. DVD, 26 min. Real footage of children at play An essential planning resource for classroom teachers Planning for Play, Observation, and Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten #541136 $29.95 ESS S H E D BY ED R (E-book #542508 $29.95) LI Watch Mildred Parten’s stages of play and connect each to the learning styles of children at different ages. DVD, 30 min., Growing Through and guide, Play 20 pgs. PR PUB Practical application techniques help you create a cycle of planning and observation and use a play-based curriculum to help young children thrive in your classroom. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 232 pgs. LEAF #134901 $49.95 CD- ROM 56 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 56,57.wtr&spr.RP.2015.indd 52 ESS LI Help children use their bodies to master essential skills and concepts. These upbeat activities enhance a child’s intelligence, boost confidence, teach academic and motor skills, and provide a lasting foundation for learning. Age focus: 3–12. Softbound, 196 pgs. PR PUB Guide children to higher-level play 11/5/14 5:24 PM