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LEAF (E-book #544106 $24.95) (E-book #544007 $24.95) LI S H E D BY ESS The Great Disconnect #543994 $24.95 ED PR ED PR #544090 $24.95 S H E D BY R Available May 2015. Available April 2015. ESS PUB LI Over the years, most reforms in early childhood education have been well-intended, yet have not kept up with the needs of young children and educators in the classroom. Author Michael Gramling provides an historical overview of how educational policies came into effect and how they are driving educational practices. Gramling argues that ineffective practices are the result of unexamined public policies and asserts that educators need to challenge this kind of thinking in order to make a difference in children’s lives Powerful, thought provoking stories will inspire you to examine the problems and challenge you to envision a preschool classroom that works for all children. Softbound, 148 pgs. PUB Educators are among the most loving and nurturing people on earth. Yet those same caring adults are too often very hard on themselves. The Comfort of Little Things provides strategies and tips on how to give yourself a second chance. Drawing on the growing body of brain research along with personal experience and stories from educators, Holly Elissa Bruno fills her book with ideas that will help you see the world with the wonder of a child. You can learn to open yourself to the moment, to look at yourself anew, and to let go of negativity. As she writes, “Second chances come from letting go of what holds us back. These second chances take more work. The work is always rewarded. Fear not.” Softbound, 144 pgs. The Comfort of LIttle Things LEAF CHILD DEVELOPMENT BRAIN INSIGHTS FROM REDLEAF PRESS Quick and easy brain-building activity ideas Promote children’s brain development with fun and easy activities throughout the day. Each set of age-appropriate cards provides ideas to jumpstart learning and interactive play, as well as explanations about how each activity enhances brain development. Each set contains LISH ED BY 40 laminated cards on a ring. ED R NEW! Promises made, promises broken R NEW! Take comfort in the possibility of second chances ESS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Shop Online at Save more than $20 when you buy the set PR DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM, WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE OR TABLET PUB LEAF Brain Insights Complete Set Includes all six Brain Insights card sets. #543116 $49.95 My First Year: Making Connections with Infants #542997 $11.95 More to Do While I’m Two: Making Connections with Two-Year-Olds #543000 $11.95 Let’s Learn More While I’m Four: Making Connections with Four-Year-Olds #543017 $11.95 Fun While I’m One: Making Connections with One-Year-Olds #543024 $11.95 Play with Me While I’m Three: Making Connections with Three-Year-Olds #543031 $11.95 Help Me Thrive While I’m Five: Making Connections with Five-Year-Olds #543048 $11.95 21 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 20,21.wtr&spr.RP.2015.indd 21 11/5/14 2:59 PM