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WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM NEW from Redleaf Press Call 800-423-8309 to Order NEW! Updated to reflect the continuing evolution of early learning standards S H E D BY ESS LI R ED (E-book #543697 $24.95) PR PUB Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive, Second Edition #543680 $24.95 LEAF Every state has developed some form of early learning standards. This book offers help and hints, support and clarification, and clear explanations of how you can make early learning standards come alive in your early childhood classroom or program. You’ll find tools to communicate exactly how you are addressing children’s learning as you plan for cognitive and foundational skill development, as well as suggestions to assess children’s progress. Easy-to-read charts present information about each major content area or area of development and descriptions of what those standards might look like in classrooms. The charts also suggest activities and interactions to support a child as he or she makes the first attempts toward the standard, progresses toward it, and finally accomplishes the standard. This edition includes a new chapter focusing on approaches to learning standards and references to the Common Core State Standards and their relationship to early learning standards. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 184 pgs. NEW! Maurice Sykes shares the eight qualities of leadership S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Doing the Right Thing for Children #542966 $24.95 PUB Maurice Sykes has made advocating for and advancing high-quality early childhood education his life’s work. Through mentorships, presentations, and personal example, Maurice challenges and inspires educators to become effective leaders who make a difference in children’s lives. He does the same in this book as he shares stories of the hills and valleys of his personal and professional journeys throughout the presentation of eight core leadership values: human potential, knowledge, social justice, competence, fun and enjoyment, personal renewal, perseverance, and courage. Use this book to develop the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind you need to be a successful leader—and do the right thing for children, whether you serve at the individual, organizational, or classroom level. Softbound, 152 pgs. LEAF (E-book #542980 $24.95) 4 (E-book # 543598 $24.95) WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM S H E D BY ESS LI ED R Available December 2014. Pedagogy and Space #543581 $24.95 PR The intersection of design and education is a new and burgeoning area of interest. This book blends architectural design information with early childhood theory to enhance both an educator’s and a child’s experience within the space. Colorful photographs of intentionally designed spaces will inspire you as you dream, plan, build, and revamp settings. This resource aims to glean architectural information regarding important design patterns in an environment and utilize them to provide insight into early childhood environments that are both developmentally appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. Softbound, 128 pgs. PUB NEW! Dream, plan, build, and revamp your early childhood setting LEAF