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WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM School-Age Shop Online at Bullying from three third graders’ perspectives These true-to-life stories of bullying are told from all perspectives: the role of the target, the bystander, and the person doing the bullying. Each book concludes with activity pages for kids and information for adults. Weird! Colorful, polka-dotted Luisa changes everything about herself to avoid being bullied, and she learns a valuable lesson in the process. Age focus: 5–9. Hardcover, 48 pgs. #423982 $15.95 When Jayla witnesses her friend being bullied, she is too scared to stand up for her, but she soon finds the courage to do what’s right. Age focus: 5–9. Hardcover, 48 pgs. #423999 $15.95 Tough! Sam bullies kids at school before realizing it only makes her feel worse, and there are caring people who can help her change. Age focus: 5–9. Hardcover, 48 pgs. #424002 $15.95 One copy each of Weird!, Dare!, and Tough! Dare! Weird! Tough! Set #424000 $43.95 Book + LI S H E D BY ED LEAF (E-book #542720 $24.95) Does your program have the wow factor? Whether your program operates before or after school, on non-school days, or during the summer, this book will help you create a dymanic place where everyone enjoys spending time. It takes you through all of the considerations that affect your program and then lays out a process to help you improve the Great Afterschool Programs and temporal, interpersonal, Spaces That Wow! and physical dimensions #541228 $44.95 of your environment. (E-book #542546 $44.95) Hundreds of ideas are included! Age focus: 5–12. Softbound, 240 pgs. WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM LI S H E D BY ED R Save almost $4 when you buy the set Early Elementary Children Moving & Learning #542690 $24.95 R Dare! Also see the complete Moving & Learning set from Redleaf Press on page 51. ESS Treasure Hunt for Primary Ages in a Jar #429595 $9.95 PR Use the brainteasers, word-play puzzles, and brain boosters to challenge kids to think creatively. Age focus: 6 and up. ESS 101 brainteasers Get children excited about moving and learning! These physical education activities contribute to a well-rounded curriculum and help children develop habits for lifelong health and fitness. The activities fall under five categories— openers and closers, basic movement, cooperative activities, educational gymnastics, and rhythm and dance. Each activity includes curriculum connectors, an explanation of how it aligns with and meets early learning standards, extension ideas, and adaptations. The book includes a CD with original music to add joy and energy to the activities. Age focus: 6–8. Softbound book, 232 pgs., and CD, 28 tracks. PR Brain Games in a Jar #429755 $9.95 100+ movement activities for early elementary children PUB Sharpen observation skills, build vocabulary, and develop thinking skills with this treasure hunt game. Age focus: 4 and up. PUB 101 treasure hunt cards LEAF 39