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WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM CHILD DEVELOPMENT Shop Online at Brain insights from Redleaf Press Quick and easy brain-building activity ideas ESS S H E D BY ED PR Includes all six Brain Insights card sets. LI R Save more than $20 when you buy the set Brain Insights Complete Set PUB Promote children’s brain development with fun and easy activities throughout the day. Each set of age-appropriate cards provides ideas to jumpstart learning and interactive play, as well as explanations about how each activity enhances brain development. Each set contains 40 laminated cards on a ring. LEAF #543116 $49.95 My First Year: Making Connections with Infants #542997 $11.95 More to Do While I’m Two: Making Connections with Two-Year-Olds #543000 $11.95 Let’s Learn More While I’m Four: Making Connections with Four-Year-Olds #543017 $11.95 Fun While I’m One: Making Connections with One-Year-Olds #543024 $11.95 Play with Me While I’m Three: Making Connections with Three-Year-Olds #543031 $11.95 Help Me Thrive While I’m Five: Making Connections with Five-Year-Olds #543048 $11.95 CD - ROM The Brain: Pattern, Structure, and Novelty #409003 $79.95 The Brain: Developing Memory in Developing Brains Encourage healthy brain development. Age focus: 0–5. DVD, 21 min. Closed-Captioned. #759504 $79.95 Save almost $20 when you buy the set Includes one copy each of Activity, Sleep, and Boredom; Pattern, Structure, and Novelty; and Developing Memory in Developing Brains. The Brain DVD Set #409002 $219.95 ESS S H E D BY LI PR PUB LI ED LEAF S H E D BY ED R Discover how to give young children the structure they need to set up a strong foundation for learning. Age focus: 0–5. DVD, 21 min. Closed-Captioned. Give children more meaningful learning Building Brains experiences. Key #541174 $29.95 components of early (E-book #541884 $29.95) brain development 100+ brain-based and brain-based learning environments activities are included. Age Combining information Brain-Based Early focus: 0–8. Softbound, on neuroscience, cognitive Learning Activities 264 pgs. psychology, and child #804401 $29.95 development, this guide (E-book #543208 $29.95) includes background and snapshots on brain A PowerPoint development. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 126 pgs. presentation on R 20 min. Closed- Captioned. #409004 $79.95 80 brain-boosting activities ESS Explore how activity, boredom, and sleep impact the brain’s memory and learning. Age focus: 0–5. DVD, Enhance young children’s learning with activity ideas that support healthy brain development during the critical early years. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 168 pgs. PR The Brain: Activity, Sleep, and Boredom More than 600 brain-building activity ideas PUB THE BRAIN LEAF brain development Discover how the basic workings of the brain influence memory, how we learn, and what can be done to encourage healthy brain CD- The Brain ROM development in children. PowerPoint #409005 $49.95 CD-ROM. The Developing Brain #150331 $31.95 WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM 27