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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction | Why Classroom Design Matters 1 What Is the Feeling Conveyed by Different Classroom Environments?  2 How Does Your Own Classroom Stack Up?  3 Pedagogy and Space  3 Why I Wrote This Book  6 Part 1 | The Importance of Childhood Environments: What Does the Research Say? 9 Theory into Practice  9 The Importance of School Environments  14 A Systemic View of the Environment  15 Barriers to Change  17 Considerations for Change  18 Part 2 | Design Patterns for Early Childhood Classrooms 21 Category 1: Making Connections (General Schemes of Connection) 22 Mosaic of Cultures  23 Intimacy Gradient  25 Communal Eating  26 Classroom Workshop  29 Things from Your Life  30 Connection to the Earth  33 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL