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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION / ENVIRONMENTS TRANSFORM your SPACE into a vibrant, creative learning environment The design of your early learning environment matters. Physical spaces can reinforce and complement your teaching philosophy, support developmentally appropriate practices, promote a variety of learning styles, and aid in behavior management. Pedagogy—the art and science of teaching—lies at the heart of your profession as an educator. You meticulously plan and implement experiences that capture children’s interests and support discovery and critical thinking opportunities. A high-quality learning environment is an essential part of creating those moments. “Pedagogy and Space is positioned to become a required reading for all early childhood educators, administrators, and policy makers. This textbook provides us, as advocates, the research we need to ensure that early childhood policies reflect a commitment to teacher professional development and to providing children with the opportunity to learn in environments that truly reflect the importance of the first five years of life.” — Michelle Figlar Executive Director, Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children This book will help you imagine, plan, and then transform your early childhood setting into a space that engages children’s hearts and minds. Filled with colorful, inspiring photographs of intentionally designed spaces, this resource provides great ideas that can be applied to your own classroom—without needing to start from scratch or spend a lot of money. You will learn what research and theory say about learning spaces, and you’ll gain insight on the architectural strategy that supports design patterns. LINDA M. ZANE has served as assistant professor of Early Childhood Education at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania since 2009. Prior to this, she was adjunct professor of Early Childhood Education at Duquesne University for nine years. Dr. Zane was the director of an accredited early childhood program for ten years before moving to higher education. She holds an EdD in Instructional Leadership from Duquesne University. ISBN 978-1-60554-358-1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $24.95