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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET |  Why Classroom Design Matters | How Does Your Own Classroom Stack Up? Pedagogy and Space Now consider your own classroom or program. How does it compare with those shown here? If you entered your classroom as an outsider, what messages might you pick up based on the physi- cal environment? The purpose of this book is to convince you that classroom design does indeed matter. It matters a great deal. Classroom environments matter to the children who spend many hours in them; they matter to the teachers who plan, teach, and live in them; and they matter to families and visitors who pass through on a daily basis. As educators, pedagogy—the art and science of teaching—lies at the heart of our profession. We study the most current teaching techniques and search for ways of scaffolding a child’s learning toward continuously higher levels. We provide learning opportunities that are hands on, minds on, and feelings on, always striving to engage each child’s interest and attention. We know that children build beliefs and knowledge through active engagement with the world around them, and that they make sense of new information within the context of previous experience. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL | 3 |