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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET physical spaces. This chapter invites you to consider your own environment and the potential within it for presenting documentation. Chapter 6 takes a look at digital documentation, discussing both the advantages and the pitfalls. We will look at helpful applications and social media as a way of shar- ing with families and other educators, and examine what to consider when creating a blog or web page that uses pedagogical documentation. I will invite you to explore some high-​quality websites that concentrate on documentation. Chapter 7 provides a chance to look back and reflect on your practice and how the information within this book may support it. It introduces the idea of documen- tation as a form of teacher research, with an example. It also asks administrators and directors to think about their role in supporting pedagogical documentation. Finally, and importantly, in this chapter we will think about children’s responses to documentation and how these responses can guide us as teachers. We will end with a final Invitation to Explore: What is next for you? COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Preface  xiii