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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET . . Foı l Rı vers 2 Overview In this project, kids create rivers using aluminum foil and water and then splish and splash as they float items down the channels they’ve created. Constructing foil rivers requires plenty of cooperation, self-regulation, and problem solving. It’s also a play-based opportunity to learn some physical-science concepts and practice language skills. Ingredients aluminum foil (the heavy-duty stuff is best) floaties—stuff to sail down the foil river: paper scraps, tissue, flower petals, bits of yarn, and so on water Let Them Own Discoveries Process 1. Rip a long length of foil from the roll. 2. Lay the foil on an inclined surface. Driveways work great. 3. Carefully fold the long sides of the foil over on themselves a few times to create edges for the river as pictured on the next page. 4. Add water and floaties, step back, and let the kids Resist the urge to show. Stop demon- strating how. Trust your littles (a.k.a. child care crew) to figure out what to do with whatever new, bright, and shiny object has been plopped in their environment. Own- ing discoveries is empowering. Empow- ered children try new things, aren’t afraid to fail, think outside the box, wonder, make predictions, and have a strong sense of self. play. 11 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL