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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments I want to thank some of the many folks who shared in the devel- opment of this book, beginning with my friend and colleague Luis Hernandez, whose generous spirit has provided me with any num- ber of opportunities to say what was on my mind, including the time, shortly after the publication of his own coauthored book Learning from the Bumps in the Road, that Luis made the offhand remark that Redleaf Press might be interested in “my stuff.” I had a twenty-page article that I had peddled unsuccessfully to various periodicals (who publishes twenty-page articles, anyway?), and I had given up on it, but Luis’s comment struck me as a good omen. I sent the article to Redleaf as an attachment in an e-mail with the subject line “My good friend Luis Hernandez” and was delighted when I heard back almost immediately from Kyra Ostendorf and David Heath, who had taken the time to read an unsolicited arti- cle. As it turns out, they don’t publish twenty-page articles either, but they encouraged me to turn it into a book, and they have con- tinued to support me throughout the process. But before the first SASE was licked and sealed, I leaned on my friends for feedback just to find out if they thought my article was any good at all, including Dr. Phil Jos, Joyce Graham, and Ellen Quigley. I learned more than I had anticipated. Their response was positive, their suggestions helpful, but it was from them that I xiii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL