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34 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET | Giants in the Nursery translation of Latin into the vernacular, to a later logical analysis of reading, to a final reading in which students challenge one another to quote certain passages of Cicero or Virgil. This followed Comenius’s belief that mastery of a language can only be demonstrated in its effective use. The Janua, which appeared before the Orbis Pictus, earned Comenius worldwide fame that was reinforced with the later appearance of the Orbis Pictus. Atrium Atrium (The Central Court) was meant as a more advanced text for those students who had completed the Janua. In Comenius’s scheme, the Janua provides the mate- rials for the building, while the Atrium provides the decorations. It essentially deals with each of the parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. In the book, Comenius introduces the parts of speech from the simplest to the most complex. Each part of speech is explained along with examples. Comenius really intended the Janua to be a simplified Latin grammar book, which reflected his belief that grammar should be taught late, not early, in language instruction. Vestibulum In practice, Janua proved more difficult than Comenius had anticipated. Vestib- ulum, Latin for the corridor from the outside of the Roman house to the atrium, was written while Comenius was at Saros-Patek. It was meant as a primer to Janua. As such, the sentences are shorter and deal with simpler subjects than Janua. The chapters deal with topics such as, in Comenius’s terms, the accidents and qualities of things, the actions and passions of things, things at home and at school, and the virtues. Comenius expressed regrets that he could not illustrate this book. He believed the parallelism between words and things was the essence of his method, and illustrations would help cement the relationship. Like his other books, Vestibu- lum was widely published and translated. It is to be hoped that Comenius will eventually gain the recognition his enor- mous contribution deserves. We can now look at Comenius’s positions on the ques- tions posed to all the Giants. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL