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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide Top Three Record-Keeping Tips This book describes many record-keeping suggestions. Here are the three most important points to remember: • Save your receipts for all the expenses associated with the upkeep of your home (this topic is covered in chapter 1). • Carefully record the number of meals and snacks that you serve to the children in your care, including all the meals and snacks that are not reimbursed by the Food Program (this topic is covered in chapter 2). • Track all the hours you work in your home (this topic is covered in chapter 3). By carefully following these three suggestions, you can ensure that you will claim the most important business deductions that you are entitled to on your tax return. So if all the details in this book feel overwhelming to you, simply focus on these three things. 2 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL