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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Preface • The Family Child Care Business Receipt Book contains a set of carbonless receipts to help you track individual parent payments. • The Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper is a depreciation log to help you track your business and household property. The diagram that follows illustrates how you can use the publications in this series to keep your records and prepare your taxes. Visit for additional information about books available from Redleaf Press. Learn how to keep records ­­Record-Keeping Guide, 8th Edition: identifies tax laws and allowable deductions; explains how to keep accurate records The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper: tracks monthly income and expenses; updated annually Track income and expenses Mileage-Keeper: tracks vehicle expenses Business Receipt Book: tracks payments from parents Inventory-Keeper: tracks property to help with depreciation File tax returns By yourself: Use the Tax Workbook and Organizer, which explains how to fill out IRS forms related to family child care, with examples; includes tax forms and a tax organizer; updated annually With a tax professional: Use the Tax Companion, which contains worksheets to help your tax professional avoid mistakes; updated annually COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xi