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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide Keeping Up with the Changing Tax Laws This edition of the Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide is based on tax law as of January 31, 2014. Changing laws may eventually make some of the statements in this edition outdated. Visit my blog ( for announcements of all new tax changes that affect family child care providers and to see an extensive collection of mate- rials on family child care record-keeping and tax issues My blog also contains a tax preparer directory and a schedule of the webinars and training workshops I conduct across the country. For updates about IRS audits of family child care providers, my blog contains many arti- cles, Tax Court cases, Revenue Rulings, and other IRS documents that can help you if you are audited (look for “IRS Audits/Documents.” All IRS resources cited in this book can be found on my blog. Each January, Redleaf Press publishes an annual update of the Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer. This book will help you prepare and file your own tax return. It contains the most current and comprehensive tax information, instructions for using specific forms, a special chapter on record-keeping tips, and a family child care tax organizer to make it easier to transfer your records and receipts to the tax forms. Redleaf Press also publishes the Family Child Care Tax Companion annually. This book is for providers who use tax professionals to prepare their tax return. It contains a series of worksheets for you to fill out and give to your tax professional. It will help you and your tax professional avoid mistakes on your tax return. Visit the Redleaf Press Web site at www for more information about the Tax Companion and the Tax Workbook and Organizer. Record-Keeping Resources from Redleaf Press The Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide is most effective when it is used in combina- tion with the other Redleaf Press publications that have been designed specifically for the business needs of family child care providers. Although all of these items may be purchased and used separately, together they offer the benefits of a complete, customizable record- keeping and tax preparation system. These business resources include the following publications: • The Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer explains how to fill out your tax return each year. Use this book if you are doing your own taxes. • The Family Child Care Tax Companion is designed to help make your tax professional’s job easier and to prevent errors on your return. Use this book if you hire a tax profes- sional. • The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper contains monthly income and expense charts that enable you to conveniently organize your records. It also contains special charts to track your meals and snacks. • The Family Child Care Mileage-Keeper is a mileage log to help you track your vehicle expenses. x COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL