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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Communicating Effectively  28 Make Expectations Clear  28 Find Many Ways to Communicate, and Communicate Often  Weekly Communication Sample Form  31 Listen as Well as Speak  32 Welcome Feedback  33 Give Feedback and Offer Solutions Thoughtfully  34 Give Affirmations  36 Modeling Caring and Empathy  37 Maintaining Your Caring Community of Workers  38 29 3 Recognizing Teacher Quality 39 Identifying Three Aspects of Quality Teaching  41 Acts of Teaching  42 Results of Teaching  43 Professional Behaviors  43 Reviewing the Literature on Teaching Quality  44 Resources on Quality Acts of Teaching  45 Resources on Quality Results of Teaching  49 Resources on Quality Professional Behaviors  50 Summary of Resources  51 Teaching Quality Checklists  52 Checklist for Assessing Quality of Acts of Teaching Sample Form  53 Checklist for Assessing Quality of Results of Teaching Sample Form  54 Checklist for Assessing Quality of Professional Behaviors Sample Form  4 Tools and Techniques for Evaluating Teachers Evaluation Tools and Timing  59 Gathering Data for 360-​Degree Feedback  60 Tools for Leader-​Gathered Data  60 Tools for Teacher-​Gathered Data  62 Tools to Gather Data from Other Invested Adults  63 Family Survey Sample Form  64 Coworker Survey Sample Form  65 A Comprehensive Model for Teacher Evaluation  66 Step 1: Clarify Your Thinking about Teacher Evaluation  55 57 67 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL