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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments  xi   Introduction 1 Why I Wrote This Book  3 Who This Book Is For  3 How the Book Is Organized  4 1 The Role of the Education Leader 7 Defining Evaluation and Support  8 Introducing the Guiding Principles for Evaluating and Supporting Teachers  9 Assessing Your Current Practices  11 Observation: How Well Are Teachers Evaluated and Supported? Sample Form  12 Self-​Assessment: How Well Are You Evaluating and Supporting Teachers? Sample Form  Visualizing Your Well-Supported and Well-Evaluated Early Childhood Workplace  Create a Caring Community of Workers  15 Enhance Professional Competence  16 Provide Appropriate Direction and Resources  16 Assess Professional Skills and Growth  16 Facilitate Involvement in the Field of Early Childhood Education  17 2 Creating a Caring Community of Workers Creating Good Working Conditions  19 Hire with Care  20 Pay Fairly  20 Set a Predictable Schedule with Reasonable Flexibility  Create a Physically and Emotionally Safe Environment  Setting a Common Agenda  22 Developing Professional Relationships with Teachers  23 Use Data as the Basis of the Relationship  25 Put Yourself in the Mind of the Teacher  27 Encouraging a Culture of Collaboration  27 13 15 19 21 21 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL