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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Step 2: Choose or Develop Tools for Gathering Data  68 Step 3: Conduct the Evaluation  70 Step 4: Analyze the Results  71 Step 5: Communicate the Results  71 Performance Review Summary and Plan Sample Form  75 Step 6: Conduct Follow-​Up Reviews  77 Addressing Performance Problems  78 When to Address a Problem  78 How to Address a Problem  79 What to Do When Performance Problems Do Not Improve  Evaluation as Responsibility  81 81 5 Tools and Techniques for Supporting Teachers Supporting Professional Development and Professional Engagement  Pay Attention to Teachers’ Training in Relation to Data  84 Educate Yourself on Best Practices  85 Show Interest in What Teachers Learn in Training  86 Post-​Training Survey Sample Form  87 Facilitate Teachers’ Involvement in Professional Associations  88 Nurturing a Reflective Practice  88 Coaching  90 Resources for Coaching  91 Rules for Coaching  92 Use Data for Coaching  93 The Coaching Protocol: Four Steps  94 Create a Coaching Plan  95 Coaching Plan Sample Form  96 Facilitating Mentoring Relationships between Teachers  97 Mentoring Agreement Sample Form  98 Counseling  99 Empowering Teachers to Support All Learners  100 Keeping Morale Positive  101 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 83 84