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WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM 24  chapter 2 turtle is happy outside. They have demonstrated the development of their scientific thinking skills when they described their observations about the turtle’s behavior and the conclusions they’ve made about what that behavior means. Finally, the turtle is an opportunity for the children to connect with Lateesha, as they tell her everything that their classroom community does with the turtle. In a seemingly simple interaction around a beloved animal, much more is happening than meets the eye. Animals invite children into the fantastical world of other living crea- tures. The way animals break down social barriers can help quell nervous feelings in children or can give focus to an overstimulated group. When a new child enters the class, the children may enjoy sharing stories about their favorite animal or playing animal games or charades. Children and adults alike often open up when given the opportunity to talk about animals and their feelings about animals. And adults can remember how it feels to explore the mysterious animal world for the first time and allow children to experience it for themselves. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL