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WHEN VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE -- DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM An Introduction to Animals and Children  Bringing Children and Animals Together Maybe you’re considering getting a classroom pet. Maybe you are a parent with a child who is an animal lover, and you hope to enrich her love. Maybe you are interested in the research on child development and animals, and you just want to learn more. Whatever your motivation for picking up this book, I thank you. It is my vision and dream that every educator and parent who works with children will recognize and value the special love that children feel for animals and that more adults will nurture that love. Nurturing that love will mean that more children are honored and supported. The growing aware- ness of the importance of animals in the lives of children will lead to more animals being loved by children, treasured not just for what they can bring to children’s lives but simply for what they are. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 5