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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Leadership/Professional Development Every day is an opportunity for a second chance In The Comfort of Little Things, Holly Elissa Bruno shares her personal story, the advice of practitioners in the fields of neuroscience and education, and stories from other educators —to create this inspiring guide. Vulnerability, perspective, and forgiveness take practice, Bruno tells us, and this book is full of her insights and inspiration for offering-and accepting-the gift of second chances. The stories, ideas grounded in research, examples, and reflection questions help you: • gain perspective and work through dilemmas • practice letting go and moving on with dignity • learn when and how to authentically apologize • practice vulnerability and self-disclosure for growth • trust yourself and others in order to live a more fulfilling life When you allow yourself comfort, encouragement, and freedom, you can provide the same to the children in your care. This book is your guide to creating a culture of second chances and living a richer, more fulfilling life as an educator. “The Comfort of Little Things is a true gem! Weaving together findings from neuroscience, anecdotes from practitioners in the field, sage advice from her Heart to Heart radio guests, and lessons learned from her own emotional journey of second chances, Holly Elissa Bruno presents the fundamental truths for how to live more deeply, meaningfully, and spiritually.” -Paula Jorde Bloom, PhD, Founder, McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership Holly Elissa Bruno, MA, JD , is an author, attorney, professor, acclaimed keynote speaker, and host of an online radio program. Find out more about her amazing career at Bruno is also the author of What You Need to Lead an Early Childhood Program and coauthor of Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs and Learning from the Bumps in the Road: Insights from Early Childhood Leaders. ISBN 978-1-60554-409-0 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $24.95