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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET This Book Is “Alive” with Readers’ Stories of Second Chances This book is a living invitation to you to experience your old world as the new world it is. I say “living” because this book is a constantly evolving partnership with you, my readers. At any time I invite you to visit Click on Redleaf Press Blog in the middle of the right-hand column to find blog entries for this book. Share your story. Give me permission to include your comments, and you may find your words on the pages of the sequel to this book! Just sayin’. . . At the very least, the blog allows us to have a con- tinuous back-and-forth conversation in real time. I look forward to reading your comments! Join me! As I glance back over my shoulder at this year, I hear the gur- gle of so many springs, once clogged, now gushing freely. I see paths once tangled, now cleared. I see dreams deferred, now unfolding into the path ahead. You come too. A Year of Second Chances  11 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL