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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET So, I made my resolution to be open to a year of second chances, even if it meant I had to let go of my life preservers. Sink or swim? Okay, I would swim, even in cold, choppy waters. Robert Frost reminds me in his poem “A Servant to Servants” that “the best way out is always through.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. But I know there’s more to it. I committed this year to honoring my resolution. So began my treasure hunt for second chances. Along the way, I encoun- tered additional questions, like these below. If any or all of these questions touch something in you, I invite you to join me in the quest for a second chance. What would it take to: • change your expectation of the way people should be, and find a way to enjoy them for who they are? • forgive a person who has hurt you? • forgive yourself when you make a mistake or fail at something that matters to you? • flip your emotional switch to “off” when someone is pushing your buttons? • accept that you might not be letting yourself live the life you are meant to live? • let go of believing your solution to a problem is the only workable solution (and of course, the wisest solution)? • be the first to wave a white flag and set aside your ego to end a standoff? • release a resentment you have held for so long it feels as if it is a part of you? • look around and within you to discover something lovely waiting to be noticed? • work through your grief when you are denied a second chance in order to create your own second chance? • wake up looking forward to each day? • in a heartbeat, call upon humor to bring a healing perspective and lighten everyone’s load? A Year of Second Chances  7 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL