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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments To Kyra Ostendorf and David Heath at Redleaf Press for reminding me that truth-telling is compelling. To my virtual assistant, Janelle Brandon, in Canada, who, in minutes, resolves technological issues and unknots details that could have stressed me for hours. To Dr. Paula Jorde Bloom for setting and living the highest standard of profession- alism in the field of early childhood. To each person who responded to my Share Your Stories blog; your stories have painted vibrant colors onto the pages that follow. To my Twelve-Step fellow travelers for having the courage to change the things we can and for the wisdom of letting go. To Dr. Michael Gonta, who read each of his students and teachers as insightfully and lovingly as he read his favorite books. To Errol Smith of BAM radio network, who takes on the impossible, trusting that all good things will prevail. To Dr. Kay Albrecht for being my fellow traveler in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Angkor Wat, and for memorable mornings with schoolchildren in Thailand and Myanmar. To Ann Terrell, who persists in saying yes to advancing the rights of children, especially when she is told no and no again. To Rich J., who views his stroke as a gift of clarity about what matters. To my fellow educators, emotionally intelligent geniuses, who daily kick the label of “glorified babysitter” to the curb. To you, my reader, for making a difference in children’s lives, one second chance at a time. To Simon, Shelby, and all service dogs who comfort wounded spirits. Thank you. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xi