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SCHOOL-AGE RESOURCES Shop Online at Create a school-age program filled with stimulating experiences Prepare and manage literacy work stations to engage students while working with small reading groups. Learn to solve problems, differentiate, assess and keep students accountable, and more. Included are photos of literacy work stations from a variety of classrooms and supplement materials in English and Spanish. Age Literacy Work Stations focus: K–3. Softbound, #103536 $23.95 218 pgs. Colorful photographs, ideas reflecting the authors’ visits to a variety of programs, and worksheets provide inspiration and guidance as you plan a dynamic environment where children will enjoy spending their time. Whether your program operates before or after school, on non-school days, during the summer, or overnight, this book will help you think about your work and Great Afterschool Programs space in new ways. Age focus: and Spaces That Wow! 5–12. Softbound, 240 pgs. #541228 $44.95 S H E D BY R ED ESS LI PR PUB Encourage literacy with small reading groups LEAF (E-book #542546 $44.95) Enhance your most powerful teaching tool— language Build emotionally and relationally healthy children through language. Examine how the things we say (and don’t say) have surprising consequences for what children learn and who they become as literate and articulate people. Learn how your communication helps children acquire language and view the world, their peers, and themselves. Age focus: Grades K–8. Softbound, 120 pgs. Engage children in natural learning experiences Choice Words #103895 $11.95 Meaningful connections with nature begin in your own backyard and community. Learn to use place-based education to engage students in learning language arts, math, science, social studies, as well as essential problem- solving and social skills. When you link curriculum with an engagement in the real world you provide students with the thinking skills needed for whatever test comes their way, but also help them grow into responsible citizens and stewards of the earth. Childhood and Nature Age focus: K–8. #107411 $18.95 Softbound, 184 pgs. Engage all children with small group instruction Sharpen children’s math skills daily Designed for meaningful, guided reflection, respond to the needs of specific groups of mathematicians with short, focused math sessions. Grounded in theory and research, Math Exchanges is written for practicing teachers to guide their students towards effective and efficient mathematical understanding. Age focus: Grades K–3 Softbound, 202 pgs. Stretch children’s mathematical minds with daily warm-up exercises. Developed as a series of routines designed to help young students internalize and deepen their facility with numbers, help young mathematical thinkers strengthen their problem- solving skills. Grades focus: K–3. Softbound, 178 pgs. Math Exchanges #108265 $23.95 Number Sense Routines #107909 $22.95 75