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LEADERSHIP/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT NEW! A pocket-sized powerhouse of practical strategies Learn about 29 topics critical to best practices in child development and education. Use the actionable insights from experts on topics such as Common Core, the self-esteem movement, and standardized testing. Start using what we know about child development to meet the needs of children. What if Everybody Understood Child Development? #381848 $24.95 CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT SCORING SYSTEM (CLASS) Assess interactions between children and teachers Call 800-423-8309 to Order Vignettes to enhance observation and training Watch activities in real early childhood classrooms with this interactive DVD representing six topics: prevention in action, positive guidance in action, learning opportunities, developing observation skills, pre- intervention, and interventions. A downloadable trainer’s guide is included. DVD. Classroom Moments #135501 $89.95 The widely used, highly reliable CLASS tool gives you an accurate way to assess teacher-child interactions—a primary ingredient of quality educational experiences that promote future school success. With versions for infant, toddler, pre-K, and K–3 classrooms, this tool establishes an accurate picture of classroom interactions through brief, repeated observation and scoring cycles, highlighting areas of strength and areas for growth useful for guiding improvement efforts. TODDLER PRE-K PRE-K–3 CLASS Manual, Toddler CLASS Manual, Pre-K CLASS Forms, Pre-K–3 Spiral, 80 pgs. Spiral, 120 pgs. #669414 $49.95 Set of 10 booklets, 8 pgs. each. #572599 $49.95 INFANT #669438 $29.95 PRE-K, SPANISH CLASS Manual, Infant CLASS Manual, Pre-K, Spanish Spiral, 64 pgs. #576047 $49.95 Spiral, 128 pgs. #572384 $49.95 Find a full list of manuals, forms, and dimensions overviews at 18 CD- ROM Preschooler Observation Series #400908 $239.95 CD- ROM Set of four DVDs to study key developmental areas of preschoolers Each scene explores a crucial area of development. Narratives offer context, identify movement, expression, and behavior, and suggest assessment, planning, or follow-ups. Age focus: 3–4. Four DVDs. Closed-Captioned.