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LEADERSHIP/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Call 800-423-8309 to Order A curriculum framework for reflective teaching Enhance the quality of your teaching with reflective thinking (E-book #543734 $44.95) S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Designs for Living and Learning, Second Edition #543727 $44.95 PUB (E-book #541730 $44.95) LEAF Create captivating environments that nurture children, families, and staff. Hundreds of all-new colorful photographs of real early learning settings are included in this new edition, and you’ll find a multitude of simple and practical concepts for creative indoor and outdoor spaces and learning materials. Two new chapters have been added, and updates throughout reflect current trends and issues in early childhood education. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 304 pgs. Designs for Living and Learning Set Includes Designs for Living and Learning (#543727) and Learning Together with Young Children (#414001). #191001 $79.95 ESS S H E D BY ED LEAF POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS Enhance your classroom and curriculum Excellent companions to Designs for Living and Learning, these CD-ROM PowerPoint presentations are self-study guides on early childhood learning environment issues. Age focus: 0–5. Complete PowerPoint Set #320166 $158.95 CD- ROM Gain inspiration from images of children in programs around the U.S. Giving Children More Languages CD-ROM. #320141 $39.95 Define your vision for your child care environment Visionary Infant and Toddler Program Environments CD-ROM. R ED LEAF Identify key elements for creating a homelike atmosphere A Study of Early Childhood Program Environments CD-ROM. #320131 $39.95 Reconsider your outdoor space as a place to learn, explore, and discover Leave No Child Inside S H E D BY ESS LI PR PUB This clothbound edition includes a special letter from the authors, new photographs, and reflective essays from Deb Curtis and Margie Carter. Age focus: 3–5. Hardcover, 320 pgs. 10 LI Ten study sessions provide opportunities to engage with peers as you collaborate and connect theory and best practices. These experiences will help you improve your reflective teaching skills, challenge yourself with new perspectives, and use the Thinking Lens protocol to align your daily work with goals. Softbound, 112 pgs. #320121 $39.95 LIMITED EDITION! Exclusive content from the authors Designs for Living and Learning, Limited Edition #543741 $74.95 Reflecting in Communities of Practice #541488 $19.95 R Shape welcoming spaces where children can learn and grow LEAF PR PR ED PUB S H E D BY ESS LI R Learning Together with Young Children #414001 $44.95 PUB Re-examine your own philosophy and practices while facilitating children’s learning. This resource will help you create materials and a classroom culture reflecting your values. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 272 pgs. CD-ROM. #320151 $39.95