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8     DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET introduc tion : te aching through qualit y c are Infant Care The infant activities reflect the research about how and when babies learn—they learn through quality interactions and responsive care from loving adults. Since fam- ily child care providers may care for a child from early infancy to kindergarten, estab- lishing a good beginning is very important. To support the huge amount of growth and development that occurs in infancy, the infant activities are subdivided into three age groupings: birth to six months, six to twelve months, and twelve to eighteen months. Caring for Toddlers & Twos The word toddler is used throughout the curriculum to identify children ages eighteen to thirty-six months. Children in this age group generally have limitless energy as well as an enormous amount of curiosity, and they are often fearless. The toddler activities provide general information about toddler development while highlighting a learning objective within a specific developmental domain. Preschool Care For children to progress and to begin school ready for formal instruction, thoughtful preparation must occur on the part of the early childhood professionals. Family child care providers are certainly not exempt from this responsibility. The preschool activi- ties for children ages three to five years include general development information in addition to developmental goals covering the learning domains. Establishing a formal preschool environment within a family child care setting is not always possible. The curriculum provides information about how to create a viable preschool area in your home while incorporating age-appropriate activities and achieving expected outcomes. Suggestions for forming collaborative partnerships with parents and community resources to allow preschool children a smooth transition from child care to a more structured school setting are also included. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL