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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 4     introduc tion : te aching through qua lit y c a re Within each content area, the activities are presented by age level. The primary developmental goal is included with each activity. This format allows you to choose an activity based on the needs of a specific child or two while incorporating the other children in the same or similar activities. Keep in mind that there are usually multiple secondary developmental goals in each activity. For example, included in the physical development section you will see a block activity for toddlers with secondary goals of supporting hand-eye coordination and stacking skills. The illustrations in part 2 are designed to help you recognize which content area and age group the activities connect to. There are fifteen illustrations, one for each age group and content area: Use Senses Explore Movement Infants Infants Toddlers & Twos Toddlers & Twos Preschool Children Preschool Children COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL