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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans, United Way Bright Beginnings, Houston, TX The caregivers in this baby room wanted to give children opportunities to explore paint and paper in a way that would allow for it to be a sensory experience with their bodies. They believe babies deserve this kind of investigation and creatively planned for it by stretching large sheets of butcher paper from the back of a shelving unit across the floor in front of the babies. Because these babies are just learning to sit and explore their mobility, the caregiver sits close by, not only to keep the babies safe and the rug safe from paint, but also to watch closely the details of the babies’ explorations and describe to them what they are doing. Do they seem to like the feel of the paint or be unsettled by it? Will they notice any change in the colors when they are combined? Will they show a preference for exploring with their hands or the brushes? Will they think the cup of paint is something to drink? These caregivers have used a number of strategies to enhance the children’s use of materials, including their placement of the paper and choice of paint and using their own reassuring presence to offer a helping hand and language with rich vocabulary describing what the babies are doing. L ay a Foundation for Liv ing and L ear ning   COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ]   29