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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Child Development Center; Sharon Walker, The Bridge Over Troubled Waters; and Toni Livingston, Chinese Community Center. In recent years Deb has appreciated the opportunity to work with administrators, teachers, and family providers associated with Preschool for All, First 5, San Francisco, California, and extends particular apprecia- tion to the following people who made contributions to this book: Belann Giaretto, Nadia Jaboneta, and Brian Silveira, Pacific Primary Pre-School, San Francisco, California; Barbara Manzanares, Child’s Play Family Childcare, San Francisco, California; Teresa Carias, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, San Francisco, California; and Julie Fellom, Neighborhood Playgarden, San Francisco, California. We also thank other California colleagues: Kim Nave and Paula Fitch, The Learning Center, Palo Alto, California; Sue Britton and Eric Hart, Step One School, Berkeley, California; Arlae Alston, Baskin 1 Early Head Start, Santa Cruz, California; Mark Whitney, MiraCosta College, Oceanside, California; Mary Ashley, Lisa Meyers, and Lisa Curiel, Mission College Child Development Center, Santa Clara, California; Brenda Favish, Bill and Sid Rubin Preschool at Congregation Beth Israel, San Diego, California; Jo Lee, Mills College Children’s School, Oakland, California; Sadie Parrinello and Robin Jurs, Ventana School, Los Altos, California; Jayanti Tambe, Pacific Oaks Children’s School, Pasadena, California; Nancy Brown and Janis Keyser. For their contributions to the first edition that we carried over to this new one, we again thank Alise Shaffer at Evergreen Community School, Santa Monica, California, and Becky Candra, formerly at La Jolla United Methodist Church Nursery School, La Jolla, California. Despite her extensive travel work, Margie has maintained a strong relationship with some centers close to home in Seattle. Hilltop Children’s Center in Seattle, Washington, has made her feel like extended family; and in addition to the carryover contributions of Ann Pelo and Sarah Felstiner from the first edition, she extends appreciation to Cassie Tondreau, Joel Metschkel, Sandra Clark, and Liddy Wendell for new contributions. Special thanks to Luz Casio, Karina Rojas, and Elidia Sangerman, who always wel- come Margie to engage with their work at the Southwest Early Learning Center, Sound Child Care Solutions (SCCS) Seattle, Washington, and the Refugee and Immigrant Family Center (RIF), SCCS, Seattle, Washington. Thanks go to several other Seattle SCCS center staff as well: Megan Arnim, Joyce Jackson, Jill Kennedy, Sandra Floyd, Melody Dayton, and Julie Bisson at Epiphany Early Learning Preschool, SCCS; Naomi Peterson at Pinehurst Child Care Center; Gloria Hodges at Little Eagles Child Development Center, SCCS; and Lisa Meier at Interlaken Preschool, SCCS. Hap Hanchett’s design work on SCCS centers has helped us illuminate some of the principles we have included in this book. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Acknowledg ments   ]   xiii