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DOUBLE TAP NEW TABLET Shop Online at TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR FROM REDLEAF PRESS NEW! Use documentation to improve your teaching North American educators were first introduced to the idea of pedagogical documentation through work of the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Canadian and U.S. educators have responded with an eager desire to try the process within their own practices. Nevertheless, producing documentation that is thoughtful, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing is a challenge. Pedagogical Documentation—fi lled with examples from the author as well as new and seasoned educators from across North America—will guide you through the process. Pedagogical documentation is an examination of the learning taking place in children and supports reflective practice and decision-making in teachers. Pedagogical documentation is a powerful tool for communicating a child’s learning to families. Age focus: 3-8. Softbound, 144 pgs. Available April 2015. S H E D BY ESS LI R ED PR PUB Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhoood #543918 $34.95 LEAF (E-book #543925 $34.95) NEW! Help teachers improve the quality of young children’s learning There’s a lot of conversation in the early childhood community on evaluating teachers to improve their performance. Raising the quality of care and education is a priority on multiple levels. This book provides accessible information, guidance, techniques, and tools to aid you as you evaluate and support teachers in ways that encourage and enable them to do their best work with children. Softbound, 176 pgs. S H E D BY ESS LI R ED PR PUB Available January 2015. Evaluating and Supporting Early Childhood Teachers #543666 $24.95 LEAF (E-book #543673 $24.95) NEW! Connect with children who need special help You know what it’s like to spend time with youngsters who are particularly puzzling or hard to help. When Young Children Need Help helps early childhood educators make sense of what is going on for such children and use that understanding to promote growth and mastery. Written for child care center staff, family child care providers, preschool teachers, and pre-service teachers, this book is useful for any reader who wants to reach the most troubling children in his or her care. This engaging book encourages a collaborative approach and emphasizes that even when a child needs outside services and supports, what goes on in school or in care remains central to making progress. When Young Children Need Help offers its perspectives and strategies through highly readable stories that bring children with challenges alive in all their quirky uniqueness. Age focus: 3-6. Softbound, 320 pgs. When Young Children Need Help #542386 $34.95 ESS S H E D BY ED R COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL (E-book #542737 $34.95) LI PR PUB Available March 2015. LEAF 7