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DOUBLE TAP MUSIC Shop Online at TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET & MOVEMENT Get young children excited to move! Physical education is a critical part of early learning. Movement experiences exercise the whole body—including the mind—and can help children develop a lifetime desire for health and fitness and success in all areas of academic learning. The Moving & Learning series provides developmentally appropriate activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners, and early elementary children that are inclusive, active, and fun. Each book contains Move Bingo for Kids #511014 $39.95 Get children moving in a fun and creative way It’s Bingo with a twist—and toe touches, wall push-ups, and more! This activity features simple stretches and movements selected specifically for young children based on skill level. Age focus: 3–12. 30 laminated game cards and 25 clue cards. 80 movement activities for preschoolers and kindergartners Age focus: 3–6. Softbound book, 160 pgs., and CD, 27 tracks. 100+ movement activities for early elementary children Age focus: 6–8. Softbound book, 232 pgs., and CD, 28 tracks. ED Toddlers Moving & Learning #542676 $24.95 LEAF L I S H E D BY ESS PUB Book + ED PR LEAF S H E D BY ESS L I PR PUB Book + R ED PR ESS S H E D B Y R Learn how music and movement can help children develop six literacy skills. Footage from real classrooms demonstrates a variety of strategies. Leader’s Guide included as PDF on disc. DVD, 23 min. L I R The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants #417201 $44.95 PUB Book + Strategies to promote literacy skills Integrating Music and Movement with Literacy #804501 $89.95 R CD O - M More than 50 movement activities for toddlers Age focus: 1–3. Softbound book, 128 pgs., and CD, 23 tracks. More than 700 rhymes, fingerplays, and songs Share your love of language and promote children’s imagination, coordination, and listening skills. Age focus: 2–6. Softbound, 512 pgs., and 2 CDs. • An introduction to implementing physical education into your curriculum • A wide variety of movement activities, plus extension ideas and adaptations to use with children who have special needs • Curriculum Connectors that identify each activity’s correlation with content learning areas • Information on how the activities meet early learning standards outlined by NAEYC and AAHPERD • A CD with original music to add joy and energy to the activities Book + LEAF Early Elementary Children Moving & Learning #542690 $24.95 (E-book #542713 $24.95) (E-book #542706 $24.95) Preschoolers & Kindergartners Moving & Learning #542683 $24.95 (E-book #542720 $24.95) Save more than $9 when you purchase the series Rae Pica’s Moving & Learning Set Includes one copy each of Toddlers Moving & Learning, Preschoolers & Kindergartners Moving & Learning, and Early Elementary Children Moving & Learning. #542669 $64.95 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 51