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DOUBLE TAP NEW TABLET Shop Online at TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR FROM REDLEAF PRESS NEW! A complete, developmentally appropriate curriculum for family child care Redleaf ’s popular and affordable Family Child Care Curriculum just got better! In addition to the more than 200 activities for the domains addressed in the first edition, more activities to support children’s kindergarten readiness and the approaches to learning domain have been added. This new material allows providers to more closely align the entire curriculum to a broader range of state early learning standards. The complete curriculum is easy to use and provides activities in each domain that are designed for family child care programs with mixed-age children. Age-appropriate outcomes, daily schedules, and ways to partner with families round out the curriculum. Combine the curriculum with the Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Developmental Assessment for a complete curriculum and assessment package. Age focus: 0-5. Softbound, 288 pgs Available May 2015. ESS ED LEAF (E-book #544151 $44.95) Available May 2015. S H E D BY ESS LI S H E D BY LEAF Family Child Care Curriculum Family Companion #541464 $9.95 LI S H E D BY ESS PUB Observe and record a child’s growth and development R ED LEAF S H E D BY ESS LI ED PR Family Child Care Curriculum Developmental Assessment Starter Set #541532 $15.95 PUB Partner with families R This set includes one Developmental Assessment Guide (48 pgs.) and 10 Developmental Assessment booklets (24 pgs. each). The guide walks you through the process of using the assessment booklet with each child, and it provides tips to help you communicate your observations with families. It directly aligns with the The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum and helps you choose activities that support each child in mastering his or her next developmental goal. Age focus: 0–5. PR R ED PR PUB Family Child Care Curriculum Developmental Assessment Revised Edition #544168 $12.95 LI R Each child develops at a different rate, so it is important to view this development against a series of benchmarks or milestones. By recording a child’s progress through a series of milestones, you can determine if the child is on track and developing normally. The revised edition of the Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Developmental Assessment lays out the milestones and provides space to record the dates when the child begins moving towards, achieves, and finally masters them. It is a valuable and easy-to- use tool to record the child’s development. Use the assessment on its own or combined with the Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum, Second Edition. Ten individual booklets. Age focus: 0-5 PUB Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum Second Edition #544144 $44.95 PR NEW! Observe and record each child’s growth and development to share with families LEAF The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum provides intentional learning experiences. These handouts provide families with an overview of the curriculum and explain the ways it benefits children’s early learning and development. Pack of 10 booklets, 12 pgs. each. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 3