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DOUBLE CHILD DEVELOPMENT TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Call 800-423-8309 to Order Hundreds of solutions! (E-book #541938 $29.95) A fun way to learn about development Staff development activities These quick, easy, and effective activities introduce, reinforce, and conclude lessons on child development. Each activity is calculated to last no more than ten minutes. Spiral, 53 pgs. ESS PR LEAF Learn what helps children distinguish right from wrong and why fostering moral development is crucial. DVD, 31 min. Closed- Captioned. LEAF Learn the basic terms and stages in child development. Master terms list, definition cards, and instructions Child Development Bingo included. Set of 30 laminated bingo cards. #501808 $24.95 S H E D BY Explore moral development PR ED LI ED ESS S H E D BY Practical Solutions to Practically Every Problem, Revised Edition #152401 $29.95 PUB Identify and set goals for children who need more specific planning and support. This edition will help you respond to 21 common skill lags and behavior challenges. Action planning forms and family handouts are included. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 256 pgs. Solve tricky problems, answer questions, and address concerns that arise throughout your day. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 224 pgs. R LI R So This Is Normal Too? Second Edition #540726 $29.95 PUB Effective and practical solutions A Child’s Mind #405859 $124.95 CD- ROM First year development in action Understand physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Commentary explains the importance behind seemingly simple, everyday events as the baby’s brain develops. Age focus: 0–1. DVD, 67min., and book, 32 pgs. Book + The Wonder Year CD O - M R #405790 $139.95 Nurture healthy bonds Study founding theorists John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, and see how you can foster healthy attachment relationships. Age focus: 0–2. DVD, 28 min. Closed-Captioned. 5 Minute Child Development Activities #757975 $29.95 26 Attachment Relationships #405784 $118.95 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL C D- ROM