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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Let’s Walk “Walking Along” (Length 1:51)—CD Track 1 Easing into the transitions as gently as possible, encourage the children to do the follow- ing, allowing them plenty of time to fully explore each challenge. Ask your toddlers to walk in these ways: • freely (with good posture—“Nice and tall.”) • in place (“Show me you can make your knees go higher. Go a little faster.”) • forward (“Can you do it slower?”) • backward (carefully, for just a few steps!) • as tall as possible • as small as possible Extending the Activity: Have the children experiment with the listed ways of walking while “Walking Along” is played. Feel free to include any other walking ideas that the music inspires. Please do not fret if the toddlers do not perform these activities in time with the beat of the music. That will come with practice. Generally speaking, you can expect your toddlers to take about four steps on tiptoe by the time they reach twenty-seven months. When you feel they are ready, increase the challenge by inviting the children to give walking on tiptoe a try. To incorporate imagery into the locomotor skill of walking, discuss the following images with your toddlers, and then ask them to walk like they are the following: • big and strong • fat and jolly like Santa Claus • really mad • really sad • trying to find a towel with soap in their eyes • in a parade • trying to get through sticky mud 31 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL