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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “L et ’ s S tretch ” continued Extending the Activity: The next step is to simply issue the challenges and let the children respond in their own ways. Ask your toddlers to do these movements: • reach for the ceiling • kneel and stretch (“How many ways can you stretch while kneeling?”) • sit and stretch • lie on the back and stretch the legs toward the ceiling • crouch low and then stretch up quickly, like a jack-in-the-box popping up • stretch bodies high while the arms stretch low Observation and Evaluation: Is the child able to stretch body parts in each of the direc- tions presented? Does the child bend knees slightly when stretching forward at the waist? Curriculum Connectors: Stretching muscles falls under the heading of science, and contributes to flexibility, one of the health-related components of physical fitness. The directional concepts are relative to art, but they are also prepositions (language arts) and are central to early geometry (mathematics). 30 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL