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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL x  Activity Chart Lesson Body-Parts Activities Nonlocomotor Activities Locomotor Activities Movement-Element Activities 1 Heads, Bellies, Toes Let’s Stretch Let’s Walk Exploring Up and Down 2 Show Me Let’s Bend Let’s Run Exploring Straight and Round 3 Flexing/Pointing Feet Let’s Shake Let’s Jump Shapes in Motion 4 Where Is Thumbkin? Let’s Sway Tiny Steps/Giant Steps Up and Down Make-Believe 5 Open and Close Let’s Turn Let’s Gallop Pop Goes the Weasel 6 The Wash Song Bending and Stretching Let’s Creep Moving Slow/Moving Fast 7 See My Hands Let’s Strike Let’s Roll The Bumblebee 8 See My Feet Let’s Push and Pull Marching Band Moving Backward 9 See My Face The Tightrope Follow the Leader Marching Slow/Marching Fast 10 Mirror Game Let’s Lift Moving Like the Animals Slow-Motion Moving 11 Simon Says Let’s Balance Let’s Tiptoe The Tiptoe Song 12 The Body Song Shake, Wiggle, and Vibrate Let’s Jump Again Moving Softly/Moving Loudly 13 Body-Part Balance High and Low Let’s Crawl Robots and Astronauts 14 Traveling Body Parts In My Space Follow the Leader Common Meters COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL