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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Crystallized Painting 2 cups water 2 cups Epsom salts Food coloring In a small pot, combine water and Epsom salts. Bring the mixture to a boil. Stir the mixture and then let it cool down. Mix in the food coloring. Paint it onto paper. The paint will be transparent when wet and will dry into colored crystals. Puffy Paint One 1 cup salt 1 cup flour 1 cup water Food coloring or tempera paint Mix all ingredients together and put the paint in squeeze bottles. Puffy Paint Two 2 tablespoons tempera paint 1/3 cup white glue 2 cups nonmenthol shaving cream Mix all ingredients together and put the paint in squeeze bottles. Use this paint soon after making it. Window Paint 11/2 cups dishwashing detergent 3/4 cup cornstarch Food coloring Art and Other Recipes  187 Grass Heads Old nylon pantyhose Grass seeds Sawdust or potting soil Decorations: googly eyes, yarn, fabric scraps, permanent marker, and so on Waterproof glue Small yogurt cup Cut the pantyhose into stockings about 8 inches long, including the toe portion. Stretch the open end of each stocking over the top of a large cup or mug; leave the toe dangling inside the cup. With a plastic spoon, scoop in about 2 teaspoons of grass seeds. Pack in some sawdust or potting soil to make a clump about the size of a tennis ball. Tie a knot in the open end of the stocking to close it. Decorate the grass head as desired, using googly eyes, yarn, fabric scraps, or permanent marker to create a face and hair. (The toe end of the stocking, where the grass seed is, should be the top of the head.) Dunk the head into a bowl of water to moisten it. Fill the yogurt cup halfway with water. Rest the head on the rim of the cup, with the tied end of the stocking dangling into the water. Put the grass heads on a windowsill or any other place that gets a lot of sun- light. Have the children check every day to make sure the heads are moist, and let them add a small portion of water if needed. The grass takes about 5 to 7 days to sprout. A full head of hair takes a few weeks to grow. The children really enjoy giving their grass heads haircuts! Mix the detergent and cornstarch. Divide the mix- ture into containers according to how many colors you want. Add several drops of coloring to each container and stir until completely mixed. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL