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Bingo stampers w/ large paper Water, funnels, scoopers te x ture tab l e ease l COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL • The first week went really well. • I liked watching the friendship between J and A. • Make science area more noticeable. • This group LOVED the yogurt! REF L ECT IO NS: Snack items i tems to purc hase: Large paper w/ large crayons art Grahams and bananas snack Sidewalk chalk in holders Oil pastels, watercolors, continue project Sand, mini shovels, mini molds Yogurt w/ strawberries Markers w/ large paper Group large roll paper w/ rollers and paint Sand, vehicles, small shovels Crackers and cheese *Make sure enough coverage for paint at easel. N OT E S: Paint cups w/ large paper Collage w/ materials Water, rubber ducks Pretzels w/ applesauce • Markers without continuous supervision. • Lids went into X’s mouth. He also colored hands. Save for another week or so when routines settle or more support is available. W H AT W OR KE D , DID N ’T WOR K , OR T HI N GS I WOU LD C HAN GE : B ooks : Board books, familiar S etup : Simple Bingo stampers Large cardboard group painting w/ tempera watercolors Water, small babies, bubbles Goldfish and raisins 184  appendix A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL