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Lock box w/ animals inside COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Books and tape: “The Mitten” song: “Two Warm Mittens” Flannel set: “The Mitten” Large mitten, character figures w/ story Act out! Builder’s choice Intro: “The Mitten” book Train set GAT HE R I N G Unit blocks w/ animals Fake snow felt, real logs, mittens, boots, winter scarves, beanie animals, “forest branches,” nature items, housekeeping items, play food. Hollow blocks w/ animals D RAMAT I C P L AY Stampers, crayons “Feely” box Shaving cream w/ colored sticks, eyedroppers w/ color F RIDAY Hollow blocks Full writing table w/ scissors, tape, thin markers, pencils Real drawing paper w/ charcoal pencils Cookie shape sorters Playdough w/ animal cutters T HUR S DAY B LO CK A RE A Large clipboards Animal puzzles Salt, forest animals, trees, brooms W EDNESDAY Small chalkboards w/ chalk Shape sorter set MAN IPU L AT IVE White gak w/ animals TU ESDAY W EEK LY THEM E: Storybook Favorites: The Mitten by Jan Brett WR I T I NG TAB L E White playdough w/ assorted cutters MON DAY SEN SORY TAB LE DATE : January 14–18 Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet Example #6 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet (Template and Examples)  181