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Marble painting Water, scoops, waterwheels te x ture tab l e ease l COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Markers w/ paper Cardboard w/ texture brushes Rice, mice, scoops Yogurt and fruit Spray painting (also outside in snow) Spray painting at easel Bubble water, small pails, scoops, funnels Cheese and crackers W H AT W OR KE D , DID N ’T WOR K , OR T HI N GS I WOU LD C HAN GE : • I need to find my extra baskets with handles. The children in this group enjoy carrying the small rhyme books in the baskets. There are not enough to go around. If I can’t find by next week, I will go to Michael’s to get more. • Without the wall space, I should make book with each nursery rhyme finished to have collection for the children to look through and recall. If snow day Friday, push “Jack and Jill” to Monday. N OT E S: Chalk in holders (wet and dry) Eggshell collage Castle set (move from morning), rice, eggs Mini bagels w/ cream cheese The unit has started off great. I can see this group enjoying it for the full four weeks. But we will see how it goes. B ooks : S etup : Nursery Rhyme collection Paint cups w/ thin brushes Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard box sculpture Lentils, dogs, people English muffins RE F LE CT ION S: New spray bottles from dollar store i tems to purc hase: Tempera cake watercolors art Cereal w/ milk, bananas snack 180  appendix A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL