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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Today’s rhyme: “Old Mother Hubbard” Today’s rhyme: “Hickory Dickory Dock” Today’s rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty” Unit blocks w/ castle, figures, and plastic eggs Today’s rhyme: “Jack and Jill” Hollow blocks Today’s rhyme: “Hey, Diddle Diddle” Train set GAT H ER I NG Dogs added to block area Beanie Babies, play dishes, cupboard, soft pillows, rocking chairs, baskets of small books, “Humpty” eggs, aprons, shape clock, small basket of dishes and food, etc. Full table w/ markers, scissors, tape, etc. Puzzles D RA MAT I C P L AY Clipboards w/ large pencils Mini castle block set Goop w/ eyedroppers and colors F RIDAY Farm animals added to block area Full sheet of paper taped on table w/ tape, oil pastels Mice shape sorting set Gak, mini plastic eggs, cutters, scissors T HUR S DAY B LOCK AREA Booklets w/ stickers, colored pencils Matching bears set Dirt on trays, trucks, brooms, etc. W EDNESDAY Chalk and chalkboards Lacing spools MAN IPU L AT IVE Salt w/ scoops and scrapers TU ESDAY W EEK LY THEM E: Nursery Rhymes (week one) WR I T I N G TA B L E Playdough w/ cutters MON DAY SEN SORY TAB LE DATE : January 24–28 Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet Example #5 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet (Template and Examples)  179