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Monoprinting Rice, counting bears te x ture tab l e ease l COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Brayers w/ shades of brown Mama Bear’s bed: sculpture Oats, bowls, spoons Oatmeal w/ strawberries Silky crayons Artist’s choice Water, pots, pans, bubbles, sponges Pancakes *Order books for next week, “Three Little Pigs.” N OT E S: Brown paper w/ white and black paint Baby Bear’s bed: sculpture Oats, bears, girl figures, mini chairs Apples w/ peanut butter This unit was well received. I think everything went well. RE F LE CT ION S: • I think we will continue acting out story in the afternoons next week. I think we can stretch out this unit with interest still from the children. • I ordered new set of Goldilocks characters for next year, B ooks : Order books. Setup: Get BIG box for bear cave to paint. Roller spool painting Papa Bear’s bed: sculpture Water, bear family Fruit with Teddy Grahams W H AT W OR KE D , DID N ’T WOR K , OR T HI N GS I WOU LD C HAN GE : i tems to purc hase: Paint cups (shades of brown) art Mini bagels with cream cheese snack 178  appendix A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL