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“Who’s Home?” matching lotto game COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “I Wanna Be a Butterfly” song Big book: ”A Butterfly Is Born” Lifecycle: Butterflies “What’s Missing?” game Unit blocks, insect basket, nature basket Intro: “Butterflies” Large foam road set, car, mini blocks GAT H ER I NG Train set Pond accessories, flowers, bench, nature items, gardening items, science items, soft pillows, scarves, mini books Large full sheet w/ assorted mediums Magnet books D RA MAT I C P L AY Duplo building set F RIDAY Playdough, mini silk flowers w/ stems, plastic butterflies Unit blocks, add insect basket, nature basket Pastel booklets w/ colored pencils, stickers Whiteboards w/ markers Lacing cards: shapes Dirt, plastic insects, scoops, mini rakes T HUR S DAY B LOCK AREA Science table—cocoons (then move to science shelf) Peg and hammer set Gak w/ markers, scissors, cutters W EDNESDAY Mini clipboards, carpenter pencils Insect puzzles MAN IPU L AT IVE Goop w/ color tray and eyedroppers TU ESDAY W EEK LY THEM E: Butterflies WR I T I N G TA B L E Playdough w/ cutters MON DAY SEN SORY TAB LE DATE : April 28–May 1 Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet Example #3 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet (Template and Examples)  175