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Spin art Water, bubbles, scrubbers, plastic vehicles te x ture tab l e ease l COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Bingo stampers Texture painting, sand in paint, mix as desire Sand w/ vehicles, brooms, mini rakes Make our own pizzas! Paint cups Tire print painting Dirt w/ vehicles, scrappers, mini shovels Scrambled eggs W H AT W OR KE D , DID N ’T WOR K , OR T HI N GS I WOU LD C HAN GE : Get 2 more small clipboards. 2 are missing and conflict arose with only 2 available. Look for LARGE box for house for next week! N OT E S: Silky crayons Group painting for foamy paint Water, funnels, bottles, scoops, etc. Cheese and apple slices The box “Truck” project worked out great. We used it with the sit-on wheel as a truck back. The “workers” loaded, unloaded, and reloaded the large and hollow blocks. B ooks : Order books from library. S etup : Gather the dramatic play items. Crayons with colored paper Mini easels (black, white, yellow, orange) Sand w/ vehicles, scoopers Cinnamon bread REF L ECT IO NS: More golf tees, construction stickers i tems to purc hase: Wet chalk on black paper art Cereal with milk snack 172  appendix A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL