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Construction magnet set Duplo set on table w/ trays for building Playdough w/ hammers and golf tees F RIDAY Intro to “Construction” COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “Drive, Drive, Drive the Truck” song Book: “On the Job” Vehicle match game “What’s missing” game: vehicles Little Tikes road set w/ trucks and people GAT H ER I NG Duplo building set Construction work zone: workbench, tools, hard hats, aprons, play phones, keys, clipboards, pencils, rulers, keyboard, “desk,” ride-on trucks (stationary), mini lunch boxes, bags for gathering items, tool pouch, etc. Unit blocks w/ vehicles D RA MAT I C P L AY Black road set w/ medium vehicles Whiteboards w/ markers, small sponges Hollow blocks, open building Large clipboards w/ carpenter pencils Gear set Dirt on trays w/ vehicles, brooms T HUR S DAY B LOCK AREA Small clipboards w/ colored pencils Large chalkboards w/ sidewalk chalk Lacing spool set Gak w/ cutters, scissors W EDNESDAY Yellow/black booklets w/ vehicle stickers, pencils Construction puzzles MAN IPU L AT IVE Sand on trays w/ small construction vehicles TU ESDAY W EEK LY THEM E: Construction: (Vehicles) week one WR I T I N G TA B L E Playdough w/ rollers, cutters MON DAY SEN SORY TAB LE DATE : November 3–7 Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet Example #1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet (Template and Examples)  171