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The Differences Between Mentoring and Supervision Setting Goals: Agreeing to Work Together on Specific Learning Objectives and Outcomes Protégé Learning Statement Activity: Setting Goals with your Protégé Sample Mentor-Protégé Work Plan Activity: Developing a Work Plan Mentor-Protégé Work Plan Template References and Further Reading 45 Chapter 4: Creating Change: Skills and Strategies for Effective Mentoring 47 Becoming an Articulate Practitioner 47 Activity: Assessing Yourself as an Articulate Practitioner Teaching Children and Mentoring Adults: Doing and Articulating Observation and Conferencing 51 Modeling 51 Journals and Other Writing 52 Giving and Receiving Feedback 53 Lesson Plan Template Activities: Giving and Receiving Feedback Using Structured Observation Tools 55 Questions for Discussion: Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Context of Differences in Language, Age, Education and Culture Questions for Discussion Examples of Structured Observation Tools Reading and Research 58 Mentor Feedback Form Mentor/Protégé Contact Log Template Taking Stock of Progress 61 References and Further Reading 61 Chapter 5: Mentors as Learners and Leaders 63 Mentors as Learners 63 Mentoring Knowledge and Skills Checklist Learning Environments for Mentors Activity: Assessing Your Adult Learning Environment: The Mentor Learning Environment Checklist Activity: Questions for Journal Writing Questions for Discussion Mentors as Leaders 68 Protégé Learning Environment Checklist Questions for Discussion References and Further Reading 73 Acknowledgments 75