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Preschool and Kindergarten / Health Education “This series gives teachers the tools to help children begin to make informed choices based on the hows and whys of a healthy lifestyle and leaves the door wide open for partnerships with families and community members.” ow Gr —Beverly Zanchetti Smith, MEd, Ohio Statewide Consultant for the Early Intervention Grant: Bridging the Gap in Part C Early Intervention Service Delivery 4 • “This comprehensive health curriculum provides all of the necessary tools for building a strong foundation of health awareness for young learners. The variety of multisensory activities suggested in this curriculum sets the stage for learners of all ability levels to grow in self-awareness.” o win ng The curriculum includes • Overviews of the six social and emotional well-being topics • Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the learning environment • Learning objectives and vocabulary words to introduce and use • Suggestions for evaluating children’s understanding of each topic • More than 30 hands-on classroom activities • Family information and take-home activities Gr g S t ro Young children are better able to cope with their ever-changing world, overcome obstacles, and grow into emotionally healthy adults if they are provided opportunities to build their self-awareness and confidence. Use this Social and Emotional Well-Being curriculum to help children appreciate themselves and others, explore relationships, and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with change and difficult events in their lives as they learn about self-esteem, emotions and feelings, family, friends, and changes in life. ing, Help children develop a sense of self-worth and confidence This book is part of the Growing, Growing Strong series, a whole- health curriculum for children age three through kindergarten. Together, the books provide a complete set of activities and resources to help you support children’s growth and wellness. About the Authors Dr. Connie Jo Smith, Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks, and Dr. Becky S. Bennett are experienced and passionate leaders in the career management, early childhood, and health education fields. — Beth Schaeffer, preschool consultant, Warren County Public Schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky 978-1-60554-243-0 $14.95